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Whiter Teeth in Two Weeks

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Benefiting from Professional Treatment

You have many options for whitening your teeth, but if you’ve already tried them and they didn’t produce the results you were looking for, you’re not alone. Natural remedies, such as brushing with active charcoal or baking soda, and drugstore whitening products aren’t usually successful and can actually cause permanent damage to your tooth enamel if used too often. If you want noticeably brighter teeth and long-lasting results, you’ll benefit from professional teeth whitening. Our cosmetic dentists always recommend professional whitening as a safe, comfortable, and highly effective alternative to over-the-counter products or natural remedies. We’ll personalize the shade of your teeth to produce the most natural-looking results, while still giving you a noticeably brighter smile.

Our Zoom and Opalescence® teeth whitening can brighten even the toughest tooth stains or discoloration using professional-grade bleaching gel. With custom whitening trays and gels, you can get the beautiful, white teeth you desire from the comfort of your own home—and in as little as two weeks! Our whitening treatment is the ideal way to get a picture-perfect smile just in time for a special event, job interview, or simply to provide a boost in your confidence.

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Benefiting from Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Personalized treatment with beautiful results
  • Custom trays for comfortable whitening
  • Professional-grade gel for lasting results
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  • Minimal tooth and gum sensitivity
  • Long-lasting, with proper maintenance

A Personalized Whitening Experience

Our Zoom and Opalescence whitening treatments use custom trays and professional-grade whitening gels that you use at home. You can choose between whitening your teeth during the day or while you sleep. Each option produces the same stunning results in a matter of weeks! At your consultation, we’ll determine which strength formula your smile needs to get the brightest and longest-lasting outcomes. Then you’ll wear your trays for a few hours each day or overnight, as the active whitening agents in the gel permeate the molecules deep in the dentin and brighten your teeth from within. Most patients don’t feel any tooth or gum sensitivity during their treatment and if you do experience any discomfort, it is temporary. Professional teeth whitening results are long-lasting but can be affected by certain factors like genetics, age, medication, food and drink, or smoking. We’ll provide touch-up treatment to ensure your white smile lasts for many years.

Stop using ineffective whitening products.

Get long-lasting results with our professional teeth whitening.