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Caring for You and Your Smile

We love helping our patients maintain great oral health and the opportunity to provide comprehensive general dentistry all in one location. We welcome individuals and families, children and the elderly, and everyone in between for personalized and comfortable dental care. With over 40 years of combined experience, our dentists, Drs. Ahmad and Atusa Sedehi, provide the multi-generational perspective of a father and daughter team. Together, they combine the skills gained from decades of experience with the latest in dental technologies and techniques. If you’re looking for general dentistry in Cliffside Park, NJ, we invite you to see how our dedicated team will care for you and your smile.

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Personalized Services for Unique Patients

Routine hygiene cleanings, annual dental exams, x-rays, sealants, and fluoride treatment. We recommend you visit our office every six months to stay on top of your dental health and ahead of any decay or disease.

Education on brushing, nutrition, and healthy habits, routine check-ups and exams, fluoride treatment, sealants, and x-rays. We invite pediatric patients for visits to help them feel comfortable in the dentist’s office.

Tooth-colored alternative to amalgam fillings to restore tooth strength and aesthetics after cavity treatment. Composite fillings are considered a more holistic way to treat cavities.

Custom, tooth-colored composite resin restorations to repair teeth with overly large fillings, cracks, or chips. Inlays and onlays are a conservative way to restore a tooth’s natural color, shape, and size.

Custom-made artificial teeth that can restore basic dental function, while appearing natural and attractive. We ensure your dentures fit comfortably to optimize their function.

Treatment to relieve tooth pain and root after an infection has harmed tooth pulp. Root canals can generally save teeth, so they don’t need to be extracted.

Removal of a tooth too badly damaged or decayed to be saved with more conservative measures like root canals. Extracted teeth can be permanently replaced with dental implants [link to single and multiple missing teeth].

Custom mouthguards that keep teeth separated and protected from grinding and clenching. Mouthguards also help the jaw and muscles relax and find a more harmonious resting point.

Nitrous oxide administered during appointments to provide a calming and relaxing experience. Nitrous is customizable and has no aftereffects.

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