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Comfortable, Effective Root Canals

If you find yourself living with severe tooth pain or have had a toothache for some time, both these situations require you to see a dentist as soon as possible. Pain originating from inside your tooth generally means infection or abscess is present in your tooth pulp or the bone beneath. Without proper treatment, you increase the risk for a tooth extraction. However, if you schedule a root canal appointment, our experienced dentists can most likely save your natural tooth and relieve your tooth pain! Don’t wait to seek treatment if you have a toothache. Our root canals in Cliffside Park, NJ are comfortable and efficient, getting you back to a pain-free life in as little as one hour.

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Don’t Fear Root Canals

Our root canals in Cliffside Park, NJ are how we get you back to a comfortable and pain-free life. Contrary to the stigma, they are not designed to cause you more discomfort! Root canals are one of our top treatments at our practice and our dentists, Drs. Ahmad and Atusa Sedehi, have over 40 years of combined experience in restorative dentistry. Using innovative dental tools and materials, including the WaveOne system, GuttaCore®, and ProTaper rotary files, we can gently remove the infected pulp from the canals inside your tooth, sanitize the chambers, and fill them with gutta-percha to prevent bacteria from entering in the future. If there is not enough tooth structure remaining after your root canal treatment, we may recommend either a post and core or a core buildup. Post and core is a restoration that involves inserting a small rod into the root canal that helps to stabilize a filling (core) so that a dental crown can be attached. Similarly, a core buildup replaces the missing part of the tooth so that a crown can be secured.

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Personalized Root Canal Retreatment

Sometimes, despite having a previous treatment for an infected tooth, your root canal therapy may fail to last long-term. Instead of simply extracting your tooth, we provide root canal retreatment. This procedure is almost identical to root canals and involves removing the dental crown and gutta-percha so the canals can be cleansed. Then, we’ll insert new gutta-percha and re-crown the tooth. If you’ve been experiencing tooth pain or other issues after receiving a root canal from another dentist, schedule an appointment with us. Our team is experienced in root canals in Cliffside Park, NJ and provides personalized treatment with high success rates.

Don’t ignore your tooth pain!

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